The blogger who knows the way into Orlando locals’ hearts: Through food and murals and more.

Photo from @lemonhearted on Twitter

The city of Orlando, or also known as, the City Beautiful is known around the world mostly for it’s theme parks and tourist sights. But to locals, the beauty of the city goes way beyond that. It’s a city rich in diverse culture from the popular Vietnamese pho you can find at many places to the murals that celebrate black artists.

Because of the city’s rich diversity in food, art and sights I honestly have such a tough time describing to people where to go or what to do or even defining the culture of Orlando. But there’s one girl who all Orlando locals look up to and brings the rich diversity to all of us and that is @lemonhearted.

The one key to her success in uniting people, is finding what we all love without even realizing that is something we all loved. And I think she is a key leader in Orlando for uniting such a big city.

But how does she do it?

First, most of the content is focused solely on small business. One of her main goals is uplifting the small business community in Orlando. This encourages a two-way path of communication between small business owners and it’s potential customers.

I think something that makes her very unique is sharing content that is authentic. With social media we get caught up on the aesthetic and value the look of a place more than the actual experience. Which is what the influencer community tends to focus on, but what about everyone else? Lemonhearted ensures everyone is part of the conversation and gets to be seen to. Here is a post to exemplify what I mean.

I know this cake looks super fun, so I went to go visit. I got a strawberry shortcake that was probably the best cake I have ever had in my entire life. But it was in a not-so-nice area of Orlando being sold out of a little outdoor tent set-up. I remember in her stories she discussed that so I was pretty aware of what I was getting myself into. But I think that’s so important to highlight places that perhaps wouldn’t get so much hype because they aren’t on a popular strip or don’t have a cute photo wall because a genuinely good experience is so much more than that.

Which is why a commitment to authenticity is absolutely crucial to building community. You talk about the good, the bad, and not so pretty which helps encourage genuine conversations between you and your followers as well as between followers.

According to Sendible, 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. Perhaps our goal isn’t to sell but it’s important to note that people make decisions based on the authenticity of someone.

Here is another amazing example of having hard conversations to empower others:

Lemonhearted has a powerful voice in the community. To help promote small businesses during these tough economic times she used her space to let businesses promote themselves. Which is extremely kind and reaching out to help others without people having to reach out to her and ask if she can share.

She uses her platform to lift up the voices of marginalized communities, specifically showing her support for Black-owned businesses and female-owned businesses. Which I think is crucial in building an inclusive community that fosters communication between ALL groups of people.

We join online communities because we need something, whether it be getting a laugh, tips on a new diet or how to take care of your new succulent. It’s important to use the power of an online community to show kindness to others.

Another key to her success is creating shareable content that fosters conversations.

Coffee shops seems something generic to talk about, but since it is a crowded market in Orlando each one offers something unique. If you asked me to pick my favorite, I could not tell you at all. This graphic obviously leaves to lots of debate between people over which is their favorite and why. As a community manager, whether or not people have conversations is really up to you. You have to nudge followers in the right direction to get conversations going.

Another crucial part as to how followers engage with you depends on how you set the tone. Your tone should accurately reflect who you are as part of the commitment to authenticity but you also have to set a tone that helps you reach your goal. Hello Social states your voice on social media is what helps you stand out from the pack. For me Lemonhearted has an informative and witty tone, and a bit of dark humor. Which helps make her approachable and I think her sense of humor also encourages people to be themselves as well.

So what is the result of all this?

The end result is fostering a sense of community in Orlando and help define the culture of the city. She also essentially acts as a liaison between small-businesses and consumers and also helps connect consumers with each other as well. Her goal is to encourage others to live local and she is truly making the city beautiful.